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Best Interest of the Children Child Custody

LLG Tactical Coaching provides family court consulting and coaching services for those who are in the midst of litigation in a contested divorce/custody case. Family court’s nationwide mistakenly label the majority of these cases “high conflict” or “contentious”. In actuality, they are DV cases where abuse has been disclosed against a Cluster B personality disordered individual (CB) the healthy parent is attempting to protect the child. Labeling these cases as “high conflict” or “contentious” does a disservice to victims and attempts to blame both parties for the conflict. 

Educating yourself on Cluster B Personality Disorders and awareness of family court practices are the best ways to shield children from further abuse and neglect. Knowledge IS power, you will need to remain two steps ahead of the “CB” Parent at all times. They all follow the same “script”, they will go to great lengths to sustain power and control, it’s best to NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A “CB” PARENT.

When facing divorce or contested custody with a Cluster B you must prepare as one would for combat, gather troops, work together with someone who gets it and proceed strategically.  If you do not have an equal or surpassing capability of your opponent, you must choose stronger allies-you will want to build a team of professionals who will assist you in advocating for your kids. One must study, analyze and investigate all of the elements of personality disorders and family courts typical methods.  The protective parent must be willing to take action, apply a fresh approach and expose the patterns and tactics of the Cluster B parent.  Once the patterns are no longer hidden, you can prove the CB parent’s actions are abusive and negligent and NOT in any child’s best interest.

LLG Tactical Coaching will help you learn how to communicate and demonstrate how to execute those communications in the way the family courts will accept and in a way the CB parent cannot twist. We provide the tactical tools you need to successfully combat false allegations of “alienation”, “PAS”, “Parental Alienation”, interference, enmeshment and any other term they decide to use to describe the debunked terminology known as “Parental Alienation”.

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Lorrie was once a 13-year stay at home mother and is a survivor of domestic violence. Like so many, she put her life on hold for his, and was mocked by the Judge for doing so, called “a woman who so obviously scorned”. At the very first temporary hearing for custody, which was conveniently filed the day after the CB received notice that the state had filed for child support on her behalf, CB, a convicted felon, an addict, and a documented abuser gained temporary 50/50 custody.

Lorrie had no criminal record, her children were her life, she was the primary caregiver, the only example of a parent these kids had ever known. She felt alone, afraid and abused by the people who she believed were supposed to protect her children. Once she grasped the reality of the situation she researched “high conflict divorce” as that was the term the Judge applied to her case.

That day, Lorrie discovered that she was not unique, that this was not simply a horrible mistake, that her case was not unusual, hundreds of thousands of healthy, fit, parents nationwide were living her nightmare. There was one thing that stood out, all of the others living her same story, also were divorcing a Cluster B personality disordered individual.

Eventually, due to the CB’s non-stop litigation and failure to pay court-ordered settlements and support, Lorrie and her three children became homeless, something that served a wake-up call.  While in the shelter, with many other victims of abusive CBs it became clear. The system is set up for failure.  From that moment forward, Lorrie knew she had to speak out, to teach others, to help them avoid the “mistakes” that so many of us make.

Lorrie’s Experience

Lorrie is well versed in providing support and tactical strategies that will have a positive impact on your case and your general well being. No stranger to family court procedure, Lorrie began her journey in 2011. Like most of you, she walked through the family court doors, with binders filled with evidence of abuse, confident and certain that the courts would help her to protect her three children. What she encountered that day was what she describes as walking into the twilight zone where everything was the opposite of what it should be. Instead of the children’s best interest, the court seemed to be more concerned with the abusive parents best interest.


Lorrie is not an attorney nor a therapist, although she advocates alongside many.  Her expertise comes from living the nightmare that you are also living. Through the years Lorrie has been an invaluable confidant and advocated for many victims and survivors.  Lorrie has partnered with and volunteered with numerous NPD Awareness and Family Court Reform community action groups.  She defends a child’s right to live free of abuse. On several mainstream platforms Lorrie has:

  • co-founded the community action group American Family Court Injustices (formerly Tsimihoni Revisited) the group that helped to gain justice in the Tsimhoni vs. Tsimhoni case in Michigan. The Infamous Judge Lisa Gorcyca jailed 3 children who refused to have a relationship with their abusive father.
  • co-founded the group Child Reunification Scams and has investigated, researched, studied and advocated tirelessly for child victims of traumatic “reunification programs” Her research and investigation has saved countless children from being sent to these programs then placed with the abusive parent. She speaks out and helps others file formal complaints with various boards of psychology, social work, and “life coaching”.
  • volunteers at her local DV agency as an advocate she has studied family court, domestic violence, child abuse, false allegations of alienation and the dangers of reunifying with abusers thoroughly and is a well-respected member of a large group of well known, outspoken advocates whose aim is to protect children and the parents who are being further abused by the Family Court System.

The Here and Now

As for the present chapter, Lorrie founded LLG Tactical Coaching after a discussion with her longtime friend and fellow advocate who gave her the push to begin consulting healthy parents who were facing false allegations of alienation. She struggled with the idea of charging for a service that she had been providing at no charge for some time.  However, the number of people who need help were more than the hours available while working a full-time job.  In order to provide help full time, and be able to assist more victims, Lorrie decided on a very small rate (in comparison to other divorce coaches and experts).

LLG Tactical Coaching also offers payment plans, scholarships, and pro-bono services to those who are in dire financial need and cannot afford a service as such. Lorrie authored “Contested Custody with a Cluster B” an e-book, as well as creating the LLG Litigation Ledger, an all in one binder insert for documenting evidence, the first of it’s kind. In fact, Lorrie has created an entire Tactical Toolbox filled with all your family court needs.


Lorrie has always maintained that the parents who walk through those doors are at a disadvantage because they are under the false impression that the court’s main intention is to protect the child. She believes that education is key and that consulting victims who have been deemed “high conflict” helps to provide them the information they need to win. Giving them the tools to understand, recognize and accomplish their goals is one of the solutions. Having a support system throughout the journey is one of the sanity savers that parents who are successful in court have. Without support, she holds that person will be eaten alive by the chaos, the confusion, the madness, and the manipulation tactics of the Cluster B parent. Lorrie knows that abusers have many successful tricks up their sleeve and feels that it’s time to even the score!

Strategic Services
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I had to take a moment to write. My hearing was on Friday, as you know my ex has been trying to paint me as an “alienator” for the past year. The Judge has been siding with him for about the past 6 months. My XCB hired an “expert” on PA to testify that I was an alienator, this “expert” has never met me or our kids. The Judge said to him, “Do you know this “parental alienation” is not supported by any psychological body?” The expert said, “you are mistaken”, the Judge asked him to, “prove it”, he couldn’t!  My XCB did not get the custody flip he was asking for. I know it as because of your packet, before this he totally bought into the “PAS” claims. I cannot thank you enough for the Enlighten The Family Court Professional educational packet. It quite literally saved my kids, thank you for all you do to educate the masses!” -Amy B


You Enlightened My Judge, Thank You

Feedback Testimonial

“I just completed a 4-week E-Coaching with Lorrie, and cannot say enough positive things about it.  Lorrie helped me to get organized, helped me learn to communicate with my psychopathic ex. She showed me how to respond to his defamatory emails with grace and strong boundaries. Prior, one email thread would have gone on over a month. I now know how to shut him down and still parallel parent in our child’s best interest. Thank you, I’ve already subscribed for 3 more months. Having Lorrie by my side is my secret weapon. I only wish I did it sooner!”

E-Coaching with Lorrie

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