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The Debunked Theory of “Parental Alienation” and how it Harms Victim’s of Abuse

  • The term was created and continues to be used to discredit disclosures of child abuse, and domestic violence.
  • The term has been consistently used as a mechanism to remove custody from the healthy parent, than to award custody to the abusive parent. In family court, many cases deemed,“high conflict”, the batterer is successful in getting custody flipped up to 80% of the time.
  • The term is not a recognized mental health disorder or syndrome in any version of the DSM.
  • The term is not recognized by any credible scientific body, it is not admissible in court because it does not meet the Daubert or Frye standards of evidentiary admissibility.
  • The term is not recognized as a legal construct by legal scholars, yet many Judges are led to believe in its occurrence and to order “treatment” (oftentimes by unlicensed life-coaches who have absolutely no mental health or trauma background). Such “treatment” includes programming children, threatening them, advising them they must recant previous disclosures of abuse. Narrating to the traumatized child they will never see their healthy parent again if they do not comply. Ironically, this “treatment” does the exact thing that it claims the healthy parent and child need to be punished for.
Rate of Custody Switches vs Alienation Accusations

Terms That Should be Used Instead:

  • When the abusive parent denies contact with the child and/or manipulates the child against the healthy parent; it should be referred to as Domestic Violence by Proxy.
  • When the child is reluctant or refuses to interact with a parent who has been accused of abuse; this is typically characterized as estrangement. Estrangement is caused by the abusive parent’s bad behaviors and/or poor choices. When a Cluster B parent is accused of anything improper, they attempt to project and blame the victim(s).
If you are being falsely accused of “parental alienation” click here to schedule a consultation.

When a victim of a Cluster B personality disordered individual uses this term, they are doing major damage.  Lending any credibility to this bogus, debunked assumption that was devised SOLELY to discredit children’s disclosures of sexual abuse damages all children but especially children who are being abused.

Do not misunderstand, Cluster B’s will ATTEMPT to turn the children against you, more so if they gain sole custody, or have extended parenting time with the kids.  This is called DV by proxy, and it can be fought successfully. When a parent has truly bonded with their child, no one can ever take that away. The relationship can be strained as long as the abuser is still in the picture.

Please do not forget, your children are victims too and are doing what they have to to survive. Try to remember how you felt when you were still in the relationship, and how you reacted to the abuse. That does not indicate that this is permanent. You can fight back and help your child cope in various ways.

If you are a victim of Domestic Violence by Proxy or if you are being falsely accused of “parental alienation” and would like to learn how you can fight back and turn this around, schedule a consultation. It’s only impossible if you give up. You have the power to change how this story ends, but no one else can do it for you, even if they claim to have a 100% success rate at reuniting “alienated” children.  In fact, the opposite is true.

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